We build businesses.
We help companies and brands with their digital solutions.



Latra gives it to you straight.

The digital world can be complex. At Latra we aim to make it more straightforward. We work hard to understand where our clients want to go and how we are going to get them there.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think and act quickly. It’s this agility that enables us to achieve great results, simply and efficiently.

That’s Latra Thinking.



BORN IN 1997

We were right there from the start. We’ve lived and breathed the whole DOT.COM phenomenon, through the good times and the bad. We survived and are still going strong. This illustrates our resilience and determination to get through problems and achieve goals for not only ourselves but our clients too.




Whether it’s an E-commerce solution, an MVNO Enterprise Platform, SAP web integration or a complex Mobile App, we can help your business; from planning, proof of concept, development right through to deployment and support.




When you meet anyone from Latra, you will most certainly be working directly with them and dedicated in-house teams. There’s no chain of command that gets filtered down to someone sitting thousands of miles away. This means we can get results quickly with the most minimum of amount of fuss. This helps our efficiency and saves time and money for our clients.




We’re only as good as our last client.
It’s a good thing that ours keep coming back!

Whether it’s a corporate or a startup; the feedback we get is that our clients tell us that they feel like Latra is part of their organisation. This is exactly how we like to collaborate and build relationships.


Planning & Strategy

If you’re trying to automate a business process, creating a mobile app or launching a virtual business, we can help you with aspects of your planning and strategy. We are well versed in creating “Proof of Concept’ products for our clients. This helps us to understand not only our clients needs but also the end user.

End to End

We provide an end to end service. Our experienced team of strategic, creative and innovative digital practitioners create and deliver solutions that transform businesses. Our solutions include enterprise solutions, large scale websites and mobile apps. We are committed and focused on delivering value for both our clients and their customers.

Agile centric approach

We have amalgamated our user-centred design and development capabilities with agile project management frameworks, like Scrum. By taking a test driven development (TDD) approach, we can rapidly deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Development work is driven by collaborative sprints, with ongoing goal prioritisation and iterative improvements following feedback from real users and scenarios.

Collaborative working

Collaboration is central to the Latra’s philosophy. From strategy development through to implementation, clients benefit from our tailored approach. Working beside you every step of the way, we analyse your challenges and guide you through your requirements.


We’ve been fortunate to work with some really amazing clients here are just a few of them.

Our clients like working with us and we are truly proud to share their feedback.


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