About the client
Voiamo is a global mobile broadband Mobile Virtual Network Operation (MVNO). With operations in the UK, Europe and Australia. Voiamo’s unique SIM technology allows them to connect to local networks and offer their customers cheaper rates on their mobile data products.

Latra won a 3 way pitch and were asked to build on their knowledge and expertise to build an enterprise sim provisioning platform that would support Voiamo’s core mobile data business.

The Latra platform was designed from the ground up and was built to be as flexible as possible and ‘hook’ into other business solutions to make it a success. These included Customer Data Records (CDR) from third party vendors to financial systems that took secure payments over the internet.

The platform we developed allowed Voiamo to meet the following requirements:
• Online and offline SIM purchasing/ordering
• Customer registration/management
• SIM fulfilment (Delivery)
• SIM Provisioning (Applying topups/Activation/Blocking)
• Business Support System (BSS) – Backend administration (Customer support)
• Channel Sales and SIM Provisioning through white label solutions, so that resellers could easily role out websites to support their businesses.
• Content Manangement System – bespoke CMS for daily management of the site(s) by non technical personnel.

Technical deliverables
• Created an end-to-end service platform built using Java and .Net Framework
• Created provisioning commands (XML)
• Integrated into the core network (HLR)
• Defined the functional and technical specifications
• Develop the user experience and designed the forms for user input
• Provided the graphical design of the site and implemented accordingly
• Developed XHTML and CSS
• Developed API’s
• Hosted and supported the platform (using Rackspace)
• Ensure that the application went through a rigorous testing phases (TDD)
• Ensured that the clients expectations were set as early as possible were continually maintained
• Ensured that the client project management team were updated frequently and that their expectations were set as early as possible were continually maintained

• On launch successfully deployed 3 white label solutions.
• Integrated with several payment gateways.
• Integrated with several 3rd party solutions to bring together a seamless user experience under one umbrella site.

We successfully launched various Voiamo microsites (e.g. Media Markt, Simly and Dixons Knowhow, The AA) as well as a service for Globalgig in Australia and Europe, as well as providing day-to-day maintenance and support.

Skills:  App Development, Branding, Enterprise Platform, Web Development and Deployment
Client:  Voiamo
Project URL:  Globalgig Website
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